What are Inexpensive Drones Good For?

  • Inexpensive drones are generalized as practice tools before purchasing a more expensive type
  • Inexpensive drone reviews at cameradojo are some of the most reliable reviews in the internet
  • Cameradojo is one of the most reliable photography and videography website

“What is an inexpensive drone good for?” this question can be interpreted in many different ways. But generally speaking, most photography and video enthusiasts would say that inexpensive drones are the best models to use for “practice” before actually purchasing a more expensive type.


Inexpensive drones differ in a lot of ways as they come with varied strengths and weaknesses. Some perform better at capturing photographs, while some others are better at taking videos. But in order to really know more about drones, it pays to check out the inexpensive drone reviews at cameradojo.

Why Cameradojo? It’s because Cameradojo is one of the top websites you can trust in the internet. They give truthful and unbiased reviews on different cheap drones with their individual high and low points carefully assessed.

Drone reviews at Cameradojo are written by professionals who have been working in the industry for many years. Aside from inexpensive drone reviews at Cameradojo, the website also covers many different topics related to photography and videography.

Inexpensive drone reviews are also concise and thorough so you can expect that each review will not be a total waste of time. Whether or not you’re eyeing into buying a camera drone, or just fascinated by the device, the drone reviews at Cameradojo are the perfect reads for you.

There are drones, nevertheless, that are not expensive. You can still buy a drone out there that is quite friendly to your pocket and budget. Many looked at these drones as the best gifts for photographers. You only have to see the effect they have on a photographer’s images, and the  impact it has on practically everybody.

Moreover, most of the reviews have complementary videos and photos of how the reviewers used the device as well as the overall user experience. In this great jungle that is the internet, choosing a website is practically like choosing a stranger to help you navigate through a wide jungle. And if you’re to choose a stranger, choose one with a long good track record. Yes, I’m talking about Cameradojo.

The Beauty of Lightroom 4 for Your Photos

  • Free presets for you to improve the color and luminosity of your photos via Lightroom 4
  • Good, quality photos, courtesy of using Lightroom 4 presets
  • Choosing the right tools for the enhancement of your wedding, party or family photos

You spend a lot most of the time if you are trying to make improvements to your photos. That has always been the norm if you want quality photos in return. You need to pay for it. But Lightroom changes all that.


These free Lightroom 4 presets are unlike anything you have ever encountered as far as photo editing goes. It has collections of free presets for your photos. But don’t be fooled with its “free” billing because these presets do have the tools for you to create beautiful and quality pics in the process.

Yes, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it is incapable of producing quality photos. On the contrary, many photographers and designers are already using it for their photos. These free Lightroom 4 presets are changing the way we edit and enhance our photos.

The web is a repository of the best free Lightroom 4 presets you can get for your pictures. So if you are planning to make some changes or improvements of your wedding, party, and even family photos, why not try Lightroom 4’s cool collection of presets.

Choosing the best photo enhancing solution is always crucial when it comes to producing quality photos. Others, in fact, would even go to great lengths to secure these modern tools for the development of their pictures. But Lightroom has bridged the gap, and is offering these free Lightroom 4 presets for your pictures.

Scour the web today and see the advantages of having these free Lightroom 4 presets with you. Not a day goes by without you coming up with pictures that perk up the imagination of your viewers. And you can’t find that with other photo-enhancing tools other than what these free Lightroom 4 presets can offer.

Why You Should Consider Lightroom Presets  

  • Photo-editing tools than can enhance the lines, light and luminosity of your images
  • Downloadable presets for you to use for the development and enhancement of your pictures
  • Using Lightroom brushes too for detailed editing

There’s a lot of stunning presets online. So many of them that it is so hard to pinpoint which one of these presets would look good with your photos because they all look great.


Lightroom is synonymous with stunning, beautiful photo images. And Lightroom is free, too. In fact, the best free Lightroom presets abound on the web that for every effect or design you can think of, there is a corresponding preset to it.

It comes in bundles, collection, workflows, so that you can have the best possible experience there is when it comes to photo editing. These are what these best free Lightroom presets can do for the enhancement of your photo images.

  • Consider the Lines – These presets are capable of enhancing the lines of your photos (or for more intricate enhancements, use Lightroom brushes), but, suffice it to say, these presets can edit the certain lines so that you can accentuate specific features of your photo subject.
  • Consider the Light – Light is crucial when it comes to photo editing. Improper use of light in photography makes for an anemic image or that the overall composition of your photo doesn’t even generate an interest from your viewer. With the best free Lightroom presets, however, you have control over the use of light in relation to your photo.
  • Consider the Luminosity – If you can bring out the aura of your picture without appearing artificial, then that image from best action camera for hunting is quite awesome, to say the least. And you can easily have this effect if you use the best free Lightroom presets you can get online.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that because you’re using free tools for your photos mean that you cannot create stunning images. Lightroom has changed all that. Despite having that free tag on its name, you can still create effects that will make you look good on your web page.

More Stunning Presets for Your Photos  

  • A collection of free presets for Lightroom available online free
  • Presets that gives you flexibility, range and depth to your photos
  • Photo-editing made easy through Lightroom 

Ever since the arrival of Lightroom, online photography has since enjoyed a kind of revival. Thanks in part to social media, posting pictures online has become some sort of an art form that many find it satisfying. But the biggest contributing factor of this revival is the presence of these photo enhancing apps.

LR31When these presets were introduced as a kind of tool or solution for the enhancements of these photos, the art of photography is now reaching new heights. This is best exemplified when these presets for Lightroom was used for the editing of such photos.

Editing a photo is a delicate process. In fact, it takes a careful eye to be able to develop a photo, a thorough attention to detail. But with these presets for Lightroom, all you need to do really is to determine the tools to be used in order for you to achieve that detailed enhancement for your photos.

There are many benefits if you can incorporate these presets for Lightroom on your photos.

  • Gives you flexibility – With tons of free presets available online, it wouldn’t be so hard for you to choose which type of preset would fit with your photos. Just add your presets into Lightroom, and you can now explore certain possibilities on how to improve your photo.
  • Gives you range – Editing or enhancing your photos in a variety of ways, not just one or two effects. This allows you to explore your artistic side as well
  • Gives you depth – Enabling you to edit even the layers of your photo creates powerful images in the process. You’re not guilty of churning out flat representations of images all the time.
  • Gives you options – Options in a sense that you can run an experiment many times with these presets until you can come up with an effect that is much closer to your personality.

These presets for Lightroom brings a lot to the table. You can’t have that with other photo enhancing apps, but with Lightroom, you can always bring out the best of what your photos can be, a kind of experience that even seasoned photographers are at a loss for words.

So download these presets now. Have it in your collection. There are tutorials too, so you will guided as to its proper use and to teach you as well on how to create stunning pictures by using these presets for Lightroom.

Rainy Days and Photoshop  

The internet is riddled with a lot of Photoshop actions for you to choose from. You can download these applications all to your heart’s content, just so for the enhancement of your photo images. But let us examine the beauty of a single Photoshop action and see the effect it has created to viewers and these photo-enhancing apps is the best thing that ever happened to photography.

One particularly curious Photoshop action is “Rainy Day”. Ever since photography became an art form, no one has dared to come up with the effect Rainy Day has to its viewers.


Of all the Photoshop actions out there, this one is unique because it attempts to dramatize a potentially flat image into a dynamic, interactive presentation of a particular event.

Who says pictures aren’t capable of exuding a 3D effect on a photo but this cool and oftentimes wet Photoshop action. It is as if you are looking from your hotel window and there is rain dropping sedately outside, in effect, creating a cold, calculating atmosphere.

This is an entirely new aspect of looking at a picture. On the outset, it is as if you are looking at a mere painting of scene on a rainy day, when it fact the extended effect of it is that you begin to feel that you are not just a mere spectator, but a participant of the scene.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

The effects of these Photoshop actions are stored in separate layers for you to have choices as to how you are going about inserting that “rainy day feel”.

“Rainy Day” is just a minor sampling of the many Photoshop actions available on the web, but it’s feature is so unique as it attempts to recreate that cold feeling when we try to look at the world from the perspective of a window and there is that drizzle outside falling in soft gestures.

8 Steps to Install Lightroom Presets PC

LR21Lightroom presets can quickly give your photos a new and beautiful look. Like the Instagram filters that are such rage today, Lightroom presets allow you to create different photo effects easily. From ordinary photos, lightroom presets will give them a style and spectacular look that will make them all your own.

The process of installing lightroom presets is very easy but if you never installed lightroom presets from Sleeklens before just follows these 10 awesome simple steps.

Step 1

Download lightroom presets and store it somewhere on your computer for future reference.  You will be installing the presets in Lightroom, but you should also have the actual presets files somewhere else on your computer for backup.

Step 2

Save your Lightroom presets folder in an easy to find location on your computer.

Step 3

Open your Lightroom and once you’re using a PC go to “Edit” Preferences.

Step 4

Go to the “Presets” tab and click on the “Show Lightroom Presets Folder” button.

Step 5

Click the folder that you’ve just downloaded a while ago and copy the presets.

Step 6

Open the “develop presets” folder and paste the presets that you’ve copy. Note, if you have not installed any presets you will only see a folder “user presets” but if you have installed other presets in the past, you will see them listed.

Step 7

Completely close the Lightroom, and once you re-open your Lightroom, your presets will completely install.

Step 8

To access your Lightroom presets, go to the “Develop Module” and you can find and see them in the left hand side. Just click on the name of the preset that you want to apply in your photo.

Hooray! Now, you know how to install lightroom presets pc. Edit your photo now and enjoy your presets!

Here’s a video you can follow on how to install presets or you can just visit this link for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Free.and.Paid.Photoshop.Actions/.

DreamHost: Fit For Small Businesses

ph2223A little history of DreamHost:

They started on 1997 located in California, United States. And DreamHost hosting review continues to be the best known hosting companies in the industry and has been quietly growing and expanding its customer’s base up until today 2015. DreamHost started with shared hosting packages and later added VPS Cloud and Dedicated Server hosting for individuals and businesses that need something more secure and flexible. Also, DreamHost has three data centers in the US: Irvine in California, downtown Los Angeles and Ashburn, Virginia.

Should I use DreamHost as my web hosting?

Absolutely, YES! Because DreamHost is a friendly web hosting aimed at entrepreneurs and developers and built by geeks for geeks. Also, it is a fast and reliable uptime and response times.

If you want to start a new WordPress blog or website, DreamHost is exactly a good choice. Below are some of the outstanding features of DreamHost:

  • Unlimited bandwidth + storage
  • SSD Hosting
  • 1 free domain + who.is guard
  • Free AdWords Credit
  • Round the clock tech support

Most people using a hosting service share a server with several users. This is the most economical type of hosting, where the costs of the server and its maintenance are shared. And DreamHost offers shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting that can help your small internet businesses.  In addition, DreamHost shared hosting is going to meet the needs of most small businesses. You can get unlimited email storage, bandwidth and databases. Also, Dreamhost is quick to respond to emails 24/7, and their self-help wiki is very detailed. There is also another option of speaking to a real, live human being on the phone.

If reliability is a key concern, you wouldn’t count on DreamHost to be a capable web-host.

Digital Ocean’s Hosting Review

DO9Choosing the perfect hosting service for your website is not easy since there are a lot of well-known and popular web hosting companies scattered out there and all of them offers the same hosting services. Most of them are offering the popular so called “unlimited everything” which includes unlimited bandwidth, domains, subdomains, storage and 100 percent uptime server. However, we also need to consider other important things in order to choose the best and perfect web hosting service and provider.

In this review, we will guide you on how to choose a web host company that will meet all of your hosting needs. Here are some important points to consider:

Customer Support

All hosting companies experience technical difficulties and server downtimes. So when the system goes down, we need someone from the hosting company to speak up and explain to us the status of their server. Customer service plays a vital part since they are the ones who assist and guide us in order to fix a certain technical issue.

Hosting Prices

Second point to consider is the prices of their hosting services. Most of them offer a very cheap and affordable web hosting services. But unfortunately, according to some unsatisfied users, they noticed that they are charged with services they didn’t apply for. When choosing for the best hosting company, make sure to read their terms of service, read pricing review and about hidden charges. It is not about how cheap their services are, it is about the performance of their hosting service.  In addition, look for a company with promo codes such as Digital Ocean’s promo code for Digital Ocean in 2015.

Reputation of the Company

This is one of the points that you really have to ponder and think through in order to have the best web hosting provider. You need to read some helpful articles and reviews about the company and compare it to other hosting providers. By doing so, you will know how good or bad their features, pricing and services.

Hosting Features and Services

Choosing a good provider can be a little tough since most of them offers the same services but with different pricing, claims and inclusions. A good web hosting company offers unique features such as reliable servers, unlimited storage, has multiple data centers and energy saving services. But most importantly, choose a web host provider that can help you with all of your hosting needs.

My Arvixe Review

arvixe 4There are a lot webhosting companies in the market. I even used some of it in the past. But there is one that stands out, Arvixe hosting company. They offer the best hosting value for money. When it comes to unlimited storage, bandwidth, emails, free domains and more, Arvixe can give you more than what others can provide. The company even offers a lot of arvixe coupons in the market to allow beginners, and other small time businesses experience their services.

Arvixe is different from other web hosting companies since they offer unique features. However, they are only limited in providing hosting service to novices or those small time businesses. Moreover, the company uses a unique cPanel service for controlling and managing websites which includes application library and website builder. Since the company is known to be part of the leading hosting companies, they continued to maintain their uptime service by upgrading their technical data from time to time.

The only disadvantage of arvixe is that it do not have a separate plan exclusive for big time businesses and for WordPress sites. However, if users want to manage their WordPress sites, they are allowed to subscribe to WordPress hosting from other provider.


Arvixe offers the cheapest services in the hosting industry. Starting at $2.80 a month, users can enjoy shared hosting plans. They can also subscribe to dedicated server plan for $429 if they have multiple websites. For more information about the company, watch the complete arvixe hosting review below:

Hosting Update: Effectiveness of A Small Orange

ASO1The revolution of technology has generated a huge rise in all aspect with web hosting as a great area for business growth and opportunity. Web hosting companies provides services with platforms that can help your website in terms of managing and controlling unwanted errors. For hosting consumers, choosing a web service has become entirely confusing and difficult because of the increasing numbers of hosting providers.

Most of these web hosting companies offer similar range of services in terms of pricing, package and more. Users may subscribe to a certain provider thinking that it is the best choice for their website then later on regret it since there were a lot of hidden charges made. Choosing the best web hosting provider requires patience and effort.

In order to prevent hassles and overbilling, choose a provider that offer hosting plans which are easy to understand, subscribe to it and see what happens next. Choose a company like a small orange web hosting because it is the only company who offers realistic and unique hosting plans. The company uses its home grown hosting approaches. If you want to avail discounted hosting packages, get a coupon for a small orange hosting online. Watch the full review of A Small Orange below:

There are a lot of customers who still wonder how a small orange works and how it became one of the best hosting providers since 2003.

Good thing about the company is it invites its current and possible customers to buy only the hosting services they need in their website. Their hosting plans are sorted perfectly so that consumers can avail them easily. For example, beginners want to subscribe only for the shared-hosting plan, they can avail to it easily in just one click.

A small orange company provides 5 important and unique hosting plans and services. Some of it may be similar to what other hosting companies but are better in terms of pricing, productiveness and effectiveness.