HTML Bulk Email – The Power To Create HTML Email and Bulk Send Email

1. What is HTML Bulk Email?

HTML Bulk Email is a professional email market application to compose HTML email and high-speed bulk sends the email to mailing list.

HTML Bulk Email integrates the What You See is What You Get HTML email edit, support to import or export HTML file with HTML email. It has two powerful high speed sending methods, one is directly send email from your PC to the recipient’s mail bypass any true SMTP server, the other is send via your true SMTP server. As a multi-threaded application, HTML Bulk Email normal sending speed can reach 80,000 e-mails per hour.

HTML Bulk Email support group manager of account and email address list files. You can put thousands of email address to one group and send email to this group in one time.

Additionally, HTML Bulk Email automatically save your sending status. If your project is broken, it can automatically resume it the next time. It also has a professional and simple user interface so that anyone can set it up in a few minutes.

HTML Bulk Email is designed for companies, e-zone publishers, and professionals, as well as for individuals, for sending email advertisement, communicating with customers, subscribers, and other e-mail contacts effectively. You can design rich HTML email and newsletter and deliver the HTML email messages to your customer base and mailing lists easily and effectively.

2. Key Features of HTML Bulk Email:

•  What You See Is What You Get HTML email editor.

•  Import existent HTML file as HTML email or export email as HTML file. Automatically transfer or restore the email subject with the HTML file’s title.

•  Support two powerful methods to send bulk email. One is sending bulk email directly from your PC to the recipient’s mail server without using any ISP’s SMTP server; the other is sending bulk email via your true SMTP server and true SMTP account.

•  Very fast email delivery application using multi-threaded delivery. The normal sending speed can reach 90,000 emails per hour.

•  Sending job broken-resume support. Send the address from where the previous sending job broken or stop take place.

•  Group manager of account and email address list file. Easily manager and send with multiple accounts and thousands of email address list files at one time.

•  Logs the send failed email, enable you to resend the previous failed email address again.

•  Supports multi-attachments.

•  Undeliverable email address confirmation to prevent reception of multitudinous undeliverable email Returned messages.

•  Support hide sending user face into tray icon in the right-bottom of the desktop, dose not occupies the desktop space.

3. Screenshot

Main window of HTML Bulk Email:

click to view full size of the main window of HTML Bulk Email

Sending status window of HTML Bulk Email:

Click to view the full size of sending status window of HTML Bulk Email


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