Digital Ocean’s Hosting Review

DO9Choosing the perfect hosting service for your website is not easy since there are a lot of well-known and popular web hosting companies scattered out there and all of them offers the same hosting services. Most of them are offering the popular so called “unlimited everything” which includes unlimited bandwidth, domains, subdomains, storage and 100 percent uptime server. However, we also need to consider other important things in order to choose the best and perfect web hosting service and provider.

In this review, we will guide you on how to choose a web host company that will meet all of your hosting needs. Here are some important points to consider:

Customer Support

All hosting companies experience technical difficulties and server downtimes. So when the system goes down, we need someone from the hosting company to speak up and explain to us the status of their server. Customer service plays a vital part since they are the ones who assist and guide us in order to fix a certain technical issue.

Hosting Prices

Second point to consider is the prices of their hosting services. Most of them offer a very cheap and affordable web hosting services. But unfortunately, according to some unsatisfied users, they noticed that they are charged with services they didn’t apply for. When choosing for the best hosting company, make sure to read their terms of service, read pricing review and about hidden charges. It is not about how cheap their services are, it is about the performance of their hosting service.  In addition, look for a company with promo codes such as Digital Ocean’s promo code for Digital Ocean in 2015.

Reputation of the Company

This is one of the points that you really have to ponder and think through in order to have the best web hosting provider. You need to read some helpful articles and reviews about the company and compare it to other hosting providers. By doing so, you will know how good or bad their features, pricing and services.

Hosting Features and Services

Choosing a good provider can be a little tough since most of them offers the same services but with different pricing, claims and inclusions. A good web hosting company offers unique features such as reliable servers, unlimited storage, has multiple data centers and energy saving services. But most importantly, choose a web host provider that can help you with all of your hosting needs.

My Arvixe Review

arvixe 4There are a lot webhosting companies in the market. I even used some of it in the past. But there is one that stands out, Arvixe hosting company. They offer the best hosting value for money. When it comes to unlimited storage, bandwidth, emails, free domains and more, Arvixe can give you more than what others can provide. The company even offers a lot of arvixe coupons in the market to allow beginners, and other small time businesses experience their services.

Arvixe is different from other web hosting companies since they offer unique features. However, they are only limited in providing hosting service to novices or those small time businesses. Moreover, the company uses a unique cPanel service for controlling and managing websites which includes application library and website builder. Since the company is known to be part of the leading hosting companies, they continued to maintain their uptime service by upgrading their technical data from time to time.

The only disadvantage of arvixe is that it do not have a separate plan exclusive for big time businesses and for WordPress sites. However, if users want to manage their WordPress sites, they are allowed to subscribe to WordPress hosting from other provider.


Arvixe offers the cheapest services in the hosting industry. Starting at $2.80 a month, users can enjoy shared hosting plans. They can also subscribe to dedicated server plan for $429 if they have multiple websites. For more information about the company, watch the complete arvixe hosting review below: