DreamHost: Fit For Small Businesses

ph2223A little history of DreamHost:

They started on 1997 located in California, United States. And DreamHost hosting review continues to be the best known hosting companies in the industry and has been quietly growing and expanding its customer’s base up until today 2015. DreamHost started with shared hosting packages and later added VPS Cloud and Dedicated Server hosting for individuals and businesses that need something more secure and flexible. Also, DreamHost has three data centers in the US: Irvine in California, downtown Los Angeles and Ashburn, Virginia.

Should I use DreamHost as my web hosting?

Absolutely, YES! Because DreamHost is a friendly web hosting aimed at entrepreneurs and developers and built by geeks for geeks. Also, it is a fast and reliable uptime and response times.

If you want to start a new WordPress blog or website, DreamHost is exactly a good choice. Below are some of the outstanding features of DreamHost:

  • Unlimited bandwidth + storage
  • SSD Hosting
  • 1 free domain + who.is guard
  • Free AdWords Credit
  • Round the clock tech support

Most people using a hosting service share a server with several users. This is the most economical type of hosting, where the costs of the server and its maintenance are shared. And DreamHost offers shared, VPS and dedicated web hosting that can help your small internet businesses.  In addition, DreamHost shared hosting is going to meet the needs of most small businesses. You can get unlimited email storage, bandwidth and databases. Also, Dreamhost is quick to respond to emails 24/7, and their self-help wiki is very detailed. There is also another option of speaking to a real, live human being on the phone.

If reliability is a key concern, you wouldn’t count on DreamHost to be a capable web-host.