Rainy Days and Photoshop  

The internet is riddled with a lot of Photoshop actions for you to choose from. You can download these applications all to your heart’s content, just so for the enhancement of your photo images. But let us examine the beauty of a single Photoshop action and see the effect it has created to viewers and these photo-enhancing apps is the best thing that ever happened to photography.

One particularly curious Photoshop action is “Rainy Day”. Ever since photography became an art form, no one has dared to come up with the effect Rainy Day has to its viewers.


Of all the Photoshop actions out there, this one is unique because it attempts to dramatize a potentially flat image into a dynamic, interactive presentation of a particular event.

Who says pictures aren’t capable of exuding a 3D effect on a photo but this cool and oftentimes wet Photoshop action. It is as if you are looking from your hotel window and there is rain dropping sedately outside, in effect, creating a cold, calculating atmosphere.

This is an entirely new aspect of looking at a picture. On the outset, it is as if you are looking at a mere painting of scene on a rainy day, when it fact the extended effect of it is that you begin to feel that you are not just a mere spectator, but a participant of the scene.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

The effects of these Photoshop actions are stored in separate layers for you to have choices as to how you are going about inserting that “rainy day feel”.

“Rainy Day” is just a minor sampling of the many Photoshop actions available on the web, but it’s feature is so unique as it attempts to recreate that cold feeling when we try to look at the world from the perspective of a window and there is that drizzle outside falling in soft gestures.